Do Angels Exist in Space and Time?

Jason Dulle


Since angels are immaterial beings, do they exist in space and time?



Yes, angels do exist in space and time. Immateriality does not preclude spatiality or temporality. In fact, since angels are finite spiritual substances they must be spatial and temporal. Let me explain.

Everything that is finite is by definition contingent on something else for its existence; i.e. it requires a cause. That which requires a cause must have a beginning, and that which has a beginning must be temporal; i.e. exist in time.

Finite spiritual substances also need a place to dwell. Why? Because they do not have the option of being nowhere (because they exist), nor the option of being everywhere (because they are not omnipresent). They must be somewhere at any given point, which requires space.

It is for these reasons that I am persuaded angels were created subsequent to Genesis 1:1 (which was the beginning of time and space).

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