How do We Speak in Tongues?

William Arnold III


I received the Holy Ghost about three months ago. I talked in tongues for hours and I dont know how. That was then. Since then I go to church and I feel the words right at the tip of my tongue just wanting to come out but can't (I've had that feeling for 2 years). So I had this question in my mind so long......

I've read tracts and all and I read places in the Bible where it says "pray in the spirit" and such.....but how do you? I dont really understand this and it bothers me a lot. The questions is, do you move your mouth or does it move by itself? Is it that my mind doesn't understand what to say so it doesnt say or something like that? Things like these I need help on because I dont really understand. Even though it is simple, I just dont understand it.


Acts 2:4 says that, "they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance." They were the ones doing the speaking, but it was the Spirit who gave them the ability. Speaking in tongues is not mechanical dictation. We have the ability to start and stop at will, to speak louder or softer and to inflect the speaking as we desire. It is our mouth that forms the words, yet they are words which we do not know. I believe that this is similar to any supernatural empowerment. Take Samson's strength for instance. His strength came from God but Sampson had the ability to use it at will. We could even make somewhat of a comparison to annointed preaching. The message is from God, but he is not working the preachers mouth like a puppet. When we speak in tongues, the ability and the words come from God but we are the ones doing the speaking.

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