Are We Little Gods?

Jason Dulle

Q: I was recently at an Apostolic conference and I heard the preacher say that believers are little gods. Is this true? Is it legitimate to say this? It just didnít sit right with me. Do you think this is truth, or heresy in the making?


A: I do believe that this is a heresy in the making. Maybe the preacher did not mean it in a heretical sense, but people who take up that slogan will end up with heretical ideas from improperly understanding the proper understanding of the slogan (if there is one at all). Usually the idea that "we are little gods" accompanies the "our tongue has the ability to create reality, so we need to speak faith and shun unbelief" doctrine, which is equally heretical. This kind of teaching is not new.

I imagine that the concept is popularly promoted from two Biblical passages, although there may be others. First, it is said that we are made in Godís image (Genesis 1:26-27). It is often believed that since we are in Godís image, that we are "little gods." I will say that there is an element of truth in this, but a very small element. We are like God in some ways because we are a reflection of Him. We share in His image in that we have emotions, personal awareness, a sense of mercy and justice, a thinking mind that can process and use data effectively, etc. The problem with saying that we are little gods is that it mistakes nature for attributes. We share in some of Godís attributes, but our nature is human, not divine. God is separate from His creation. There is only one divine being. Yes we have spirits, but the human spirit is part of Godís creation. Angels are also spirits, but they are not little gods. None of us have Godís nature and prerogatives. We cannot create, know the future (all things), be everywhere, etc. There is a fundamental difference between God and ourselves. Being made in Godís image does not make us little gods anymore than a picture made in your image makes it a "little you." We resemble some of Godís attributes, but not His nature.

The second text that some draw from is Psalm 82 where it was said, "Ye are gods." I have written a paper on this titled Ye Are Gods?.

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