Is it wrong to baptize in the name of the "Lord Jesus Christ?"

William Arnold III


Greetings Brother Arnold in the name of Jesus Christ! I have a question on baptism; I hope you can help me. Recently on a discussion board that a apostolic pastor has on his web site a big controversy started up on the Jesus' name baptism. This pastor was saying all who baptized LORD JESUS CHRIST! were baptized incorrectly that using LORD JESUS CHRIST WAS IN ERROR and had to be JESUS CHRIST as in Acts 2:38. We all know that the apostles baptized LORD JESUS IN other passages. (I beleive Peter in Acts 10 and also Paul in Acts19) The Bible clearly states that Jesus was both LORD and CHRIST. It's the name JESUS that saves, to me CHRSIT AND LORD GIVE HIM HIS IDENITY OF WHO HE WAS. So would it be wrong to say LORD JESUS CHRIST in baptism? This pastor wrote a paper afterweards making it seem like he is being persacuted for his beliefs. I want you read it and give me feedback on your thoughts and beliefs. I am a saint seeking Bible truths. His study was written after the debate took place on his board. Most disagreed with him and most are ministers who post there. I disagreed also. But I want truth, not my feelings. Please reply.


I am in complete agreement with you. Jesus is Lord and Jesus is Christ. The point is that we are identified with the person of Jesus Christ and not with some invented "Trinity." I believe that either the term "Lord Jesus" or "Jesus Christ" are fine, especially since both are biblical as you pointed out. I also believe that the combined "Lord Jesus Christ" is fine as well.

See also: The Biblical Significance of Names, by Jason Dulle.

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