Who is the "Queen of the South?"

William Arnold III


Greetings. Enjoyed immensly your blessed work. It has opened up my mind to more of Yahweh's Truth. Could you enlighten me on the "Queen of the South?" Who is she?


The "Queen of the South," mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 12:42 and Luke 11:31 is a reference to the Queen of Sheba who heard of the great wisdom of Solomon and came to visit him. This story is found in 1 Kings 10:1-13 and 2 Chronicles 9:1-12. She is also mentioned in Josephus, Antiquities 8.6.5-6 (8.165-175). Sheba was a country in southwest Arabia, which corresponds to present-day Yemen. Since the Pharisees with whom Jesus was speaking were very familiar with this story, the simple reference to the "Queen of the South" was sufficient for them.


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