Should We Continue to Speak in Tongues?

William Arnold III


I know of a person who is very dear to me. They have been baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost almost 20 years ago. Since that first time when they receive that initial filling of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, they have not spoke in tongues since then. Remember that was almost 20 years ago.What I believe is that they release this person to quick out of the tarrying or prayer room. I believe that this person had stammering lips and a good blessing from the Lord but not the Holy Ghost. Sometimes in the church services, the anointed spirit of God be so strong and powerful that this person does not budge, not even a little. I'm not saying that jumping up dancing, clapping your hands or even running up and down the aisle is a sign that you have the Holy Ghost dwelling on the inside of you. But I believe if you got the genuine Holy Ghost that maybe every once in a while you should at least get a little excited or dance like David did in the presence of the Lord sometimes. Doesn't Jeremiah talk about how the Holy Ghost is just like fire. If someone is in the kitchen cooking and they accidently burn themself they are going to pull their hand back real fast, say ouch, scream, jump back or do something, right? I never see any expression of Holy Ghost joy in this person life whether it be in a church service or at home.

I also believe that if a person had truly spoke in tongues at least once they should be able to always speak again as the spirit leads them. I did not know any of this until this person told me this and thats when I started observing their life. I once tried to explain to this individual that it is neccessary for a child of God to continually speak in tongues,because for one it edifys the spirit that's already in you. But unfortunately they did not want to hear what I had to say. So later, we talked some more and agreed between the 2 of us that we were going to tarry for the Holy spirit again, seek for a revival of the spirit in our souls, or speak in tongues again. When we started praying and seeking God's spirit for our self I went off into my own world and when I came to they had stop out of frustrations because they could not speak in tongues.

I am still learning about the Bible and how to find the scriptures that I need to show this person that the Bible says that you should speak in tongues more than just once. Can you please forward this email to someone that is knowledgable in God's word and that can email me some scriptures back showing that it is neccessary for a born again believer to speak in tongues more than just once. I am really concerned about this person. I don't want this person to miss out on heaven because they are thinking that they are alright with God. I need your help and prayers because I understand that the devil is deceiving this person but pray with me that this person will seek it's own Holy ghost revival in his spirit. I will be waiting and looking for a response from someone to give me some scripture and text and possible some bible class notes on this matter. Please help. God bless you.


Thank you for your feedback. I do not believe that simply because one does not continue to speak in tongues that they never had the Holy Ghost to begin with. I know there are many among us who do not continue to speak in tongues after the first time. Personally, I do not believe that this is good practice and would urge all who are Spirit-filled to speak in tongues on a regular basis. Paul says that this is when our spirit prays (1 Cor. 14:14) and I believe that this type of edification is very important to our spiritual growth. I do not believe that God intended speaking in tongues to be a one time incident, but rather to be a regular part of our Christian life.

As far as the outward expression, we are not all the same. Now I do believe that we should express our love for God outwardly, with zeal and excitement. However, some are more expressive than others. Concerning Jerimiah, he never had the Holy Ghost because it had not yet been given (John 7:39). In that often misquoted scripture, Jeremiah says that the word of God was like a fire shut up in his bones (Jer. 20:9).

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