The Antichrist

William Arnold III

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Names: the antichrist (1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7), the little horn (Dan. 7:8, 11, 20-21; 8:9), the despicable person (Dan. 11:21), the man of lawlessness (2 Thess. 2:3, see also Matt. 24:12), the son of destruction (2 Thess. 2:3), the beast (Rev. 11:7; 13:1-4, 12, 14-15, 17-18; 14:9, 11; 15:2; 16:2, 10, 13; 17:3, 7-8, 11-13, 16-17; 19:19-20; 20:4, 10)

Applicable passages: Dan. 2:33-35, 41-45; 7:7-8, 11, 17-26; 8:9-14, 23-25; 9:26-27; 11:21-45; 12:7; Matt. 24:9, 15; 2 Thess.2:3-10; 1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7; Rev. 12:13, 17; 13; 14:9, 11; 16:2; 17-18; 19:19-20; 20:4

* - Dan. 8:9-14, 23-25; 11:21-35, some scholars apply these passages only to Antiochus Epiphanes


The purpose of this study was to collect all of the information that the Bible gives us about the antichrist and to organize it by topic. This could one day serve as a checklist when a leader arises who looks as though he may be the man. I have attempted to answer the simple question, "What does the Bible tell us about this person?" I have endeavored to simply collect and present the Biblical data and to refrain from extrapolating too far from what the Bible actually says. However, I do give clarification, alternate translations and sometimes even my own opinion in the parenthesis. When I have given something which is very questionable, it is followed with a question mark.

I have also attempted to be exhaustive in this list. If anyone knows of anything the Bible actually says or even implies about the antichrist which I have not included, please feel free to email me (with the scripture references) at

I am aware that there is some overlap in the "What He Does" categories (and possibly some others). For instance, making war against Jesus Christ (Rev. 17:14 and 19:19) would qualify as both religious and military. In these instances, I have simply put things where I thought they fit best. The categories are simply there to help give some organization to this information and are by no means inspired. For a list which follows more of the order which this information is found in the Bible (which is much better for teaching), click here. Within the various topics, the data is usually organized by where it appears in scripture. When the same thing is mentioned in more than one passage, I usually went by the first passage in which it is found, but sometimes by the one which I thought to be more relevant.

I have also listed the passages which some scholars apply only to Antiochus Epiphanes and not to the end time antichrist, although I do not believe their case is very convincing. I merely want to be up front that there are many scholars who hold this position.

Who He Is

What He Does



His End

And Apparently

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