Angels or a Trinity?

Jason Dulle


I have heard two different viewpoints on Genesis 18:1-2. One is that these verses are referring to Jehovah and two angles (my belief), but to my shock I have found that some Oneness believers believe that this is God in three persons. I know that some Trinitarians use this passage to try to prove the Trinity, but I have never heard any Oneness minister use it in that context until recently. Please reply



I have never heard any Oneness minister explain this verse by saying that it God in three persons. That is the usual Trinitarian explanation. We have no reason to believe this from the context of the passage. Genesis 18:22 says that the two men went toward Sodom, and then in Gen 19:1 it says that two angels came to Sodom. Although it is possible that the two angels who came to Sodom were different beings than the two men who appeared with Yahweh, since it does say that the two men left Yahweh and went toward Sodom, it leads the reader to believe that the two men were the angels. With explanations like the ones given about this passage from the Oneness ministers you are referencing, it would be safe for me to assume that they truly do not understand the Oneness teaching, or made statements which are being severely misunderstood.

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